How can I rollover into/out of my Oportun retirement account?

Rolling over into Oportun retirement

It is not possible to roll over an outside IRA into your Oportun retirement account at this time.


Rolling over out of Oportun retirement

It is possible to roll over an Oportun retirement account into a new account at a new receiving brokerage.

To do this, Oportun will work with our brokerage partner, DriveWealth, to initiate your rollover request. Rollovers are performed directly between DriveWealth and your receiving brokerage. Oportun's role in this process is to provide your account information to DriveWealth and help answer any questions you may have along the way.


The first step is for you to work with your receiving brokerage to complete an IRA Withdrawal Form. This form will differ slightly based on your Retirement account type - Roth or Traditional IRA. To complete these forms, you will need to have your DriveWealth Account ID handy.

Our support team will provide your DriveWealth Account ID and the IRA Withdrawal Form when you email us at to initiate the rollover process.


Once you’ve completed the IRA Withdrawal Form and sent it back to us, Oportun will work with DriveWealth to process your rollover request.


As rollovers are a manual process between DriveWealth, our brokerage partner, and the receiving brokerage, rollover requests can take a few weeks to complete.


To get started with this process, please reach out to us at