Savings goals and goal settings

What are goals?

Savings goals are here to help you reach your financial targets intelligently.

We'll automatically start you off with a Rainy Day Fund ☔️, but Oportun can help you save towards anything from a dream vacation to splurging on gifts for the holidays. 

How can I combine goals or move funds between them?

If you're using banking and saving from your Spending balance, you can move funds between your goals by tapping Transfer money and then first moving funds from a goal to Spending, then creating another transfer to a different goal.

Members using savings-only cannot move money between goals at this time. You would first need to withdraw funds from a goal to your linked checking account, then save the funds manually to your other goal when they post.

Being able to transfer money between goals directly is a request we hear a lot, and something we hope to have available down the road.

Editing and deleting goals

1) Under the Save & Invest tab, tap into your goal
2) Tap the cog in the upper-right corner
3) On the next screen, choose Edit goal
4) Make the changes that you'd like, then tap Save goal
5) Or, tap Delete in the upper-right corner to delete your goal and stop saving towards it

Deleting goals will automatically return any saved funds back to where they were originally saved from - either a linked checking account (available in 1-5 business days), or your Spending balance (available immediately). 


Savings settings and controls

You can set some additional controls on individual goals to either increase, slow down, or temporarily hold off on saving. Just tap on the cog on your goal's screen to bring up your goal's settings to get started. 


Boost saving

Boosting allows you to prioritize goals so that more funds are added to them when Oportun allocates save amounts.

For example, if you had 3 goals and Oportun thought it could safely save $6 that day, each goal would get $2 allocated towards it. But, if you Boosted one of those goals, the two non-Boosted goals might get $1.50 each, and the Boosted goal would get $3 added to it.

Only goals without end dates can be Boosted. This is because the rate and how aggressively a goal saves is determined by how soon the goal ends. 

Pause saving

Pausing a goal will stop saving for it indefinitely until you tap Resume. You can pause as many goals as you'd like.

To pause automatic savings for all savings goals:

1) Under the Save & Invest tab, tap the cog in the upper-right corner

2) Tap the toggle for Pause all savings to turn it on

3) The Pause all savings toggle will be green to indicate it is on, grey indicates that it is off

Set max daily savings

When maximum daily savings is enabled, savings towards your selected goal will not exceed the amount you enter on a given day. For example, if you'd like to have a goal not save more than $1 daily, setting your max amount to $1 will achieve that.
If you have savings paused for a goal, you won't be able to set a max daily save amount until you resume saving.