Updating your name, password, and contact information

Changing your contact information and password

1) Tap into the Profile & Settings menu (the person icon in the top-left)
2) Under Settings, choose Contact information
3) Sign in to your account on the next screen
4) Update your info, then tap Save

I've forgotten my password

Head here to reset your password: https://digit.co/recover

I no longer have access to the mobile number on my account

If you aren't able to log in to your account due to no longer having access to the mobile number on file, please get in touch with our Support team. We'll need to verify some info with you and can then assist with getting your mobile number updated. 

I need to change the first or last name on my account

To protect your account, name changes can't be made in the app.  Please get in touch with our Support team for assistance with changing the name listed on your account.