For savings-only members: Referring friends to Oportun Savings

Referring friends to Oportun

Referring friends to Oportun has its benefits!

Invite your friends to sign up for Oportun Savings with your personal referral link. After they meet all the Savings Referral Program Terms, including their first 3 autosaves, you'll both get $5 deposited straight to your linked checking account (maximum $100 in rewards per year).

Reward Requirements

Referral Reward

In order for the bonus to be paid out, your friend must:

1) Use your personal link and set up their Savings account within 7 days of signing up for the Oportun app.

2) Connect a bank account to their Oportun account - this must be a personal checking account that hasn't already been used with another Oportun (or formerly Digit) account.

3) Allow Oportun to create 3 automatic saves for them within 30 days of setting up Savings and connecting a bank account (steps 1 and 2).


Bonus Referral Reward

When you refer 3 friends and they all meet the program requirements within 30 days, you'll get $5 per successful referral and an additional $35 bonus, for a total of $50. You never know when the extra cash will come in handy.


Finding your personal referral link

To see your referral link and to refer a friend, from the Home screen in the app, tap the Get $5 button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This will bring up the Referral Center, which includes a breakdown of how referrals work and where you can track the progress of friends you have referred.

From the Referral Center:

1) Grab your personal referral link by tapping the Get $5 button in the upper-right corner of your Home screen. If you're eligible for a Bonus Referral Reward, you'll see a larger amount instead of $5 here!

2) Tap the option for Copy to copy the link, or tap the option to share the link via an SMS message, email, or via another messaging app.

3) Your personal referral link and unique code will show at the end of this pre-populated message. This is the link that your referred friend must use to sign up and set up their Savings account.


Tracking your referrals

Tapping the Get $5 button from the Home screen will bring up the Referral Center. The Referral Center will display the status of your reward history, including your Total earned.

In the Referral Center, a referred friend will show as Pending if we're still waiting for all referral eligibility requirements to be met. Once all referral eligibility requirements are met, the referred friend will show as Paid out and we'll deposit the referral reward into your linked checking account.

Scan the QR code on your phone to open the Oportun Referral Center in your app: