Fidelity Bank

Starting on 10/1, Oportun will no longer be able to connect to your Fidelity account via Plaid. Without this connection, we can no longer make the automatic transfers that power our savings product. This was the result of decisions made by Fidelity and was completely outside of our control.

Our number one priority has always been to help you meet your financial goals, and we understand what a disappointment this could be for you. 

Your money is safe and secure while we sort through this change.

As this was a business decision made by Fidelity, we do suggest reaching out to them for questions regarding the loss of access to Plaid and its services which makes saving with Oportun possible. They can be reached at 800-343-3548 or by going to 

Plaid also has some more information here:


Here is some information about how this might affect your Oportun savings account:


Will I be charged the subscription fee while this is ongoing?

Definitely not. All subscription fees are paused until this issue gets resolved. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.


Do you know when this will be fixed?

We do not have an ETA on when this will be fixed. However, do know we are actively looking for ways to get your bank connected again and will keep you posted as things progress over the next few months.


What are my options while you are not able to connect to my account?

You can always leave your funds in your Oportun account as they are safe even without the connection that allows us to make new savings for you. 

If you have a checking account with another institution, you can always link a new checking account so we can continue to save to your goals. You can see more about how to do that here: Connecting and removing external bank accounts

Access to withdraw your funds is still available at all times. If you choose to withdraw the funds, they will be sent to the Fidelity account they came from. You can see more information on how to do that here: Withdrawing money to a linked bank account


For Banking Members Only:

As an Oportun banking member, if you have a direct deposit set up on your account your savings will still work as normal.

However, if you use the Smart Deposit feature, auto saves will not work on your account until we are able to connect to your Fidelity checking account again. 

If you want saves to continue, you can manually transfer funds to your Spending balance, and this will allow us to make saves from that balance. You can review more information about this option here: Your Spending balance


If you have a Fidelity credit card linked to your bills account, we won't be able to receive updated balance information. This means we won't be able to determine your statement balance or minimum payment until we are able to restore connection with Fidelity. You can however manually provide us with the information for this bill so that you can still save towards the credit card bill. To do this