For banking members: How do I send checks?

Sending a check from your balances

At this time, banking members can only issue checks from their Spending balance. To use money from your Savings goals or Bills account, first transfer those funds to your Spending balance. 

1) Under the Bank tab, tap the Transfer Money button
2) Choose Send a check
3)Tap Choose account under the To field
4) Choose from a list of past recipients, or tap Add in the top-right corner to add a new recipient
5) On the next two screens, enter an amount and a memo for this check
6) Review the information for your check, then tap Send check

Adding a new check recipient

1) Go through steps 1-4 above to access the Send check to screen
2) In the top-right corner, tap Add
3) Enter the name and address of who should receive this check in the fields provided
4) Tap Save


When will my check arrive at the address I entered?

Checks from your Spending balance typically arrive within 7-10 business days after you send them.