Your Bills account


How does my Bills account work?

Manage monthly expenses by entering how much your bill is, when it’s due, and providing your Bills account info with your biller - Oportun will do the budgeting.

Over the month, Oportun will save from your Spending balance and into your Bills account. 

On your biller’s website, enter your Oportun® Visa® Virtual Bills Debit Card number (or account number, if your biller accepts it), expiration date, and CVC where you're asked for a payment method. 

On the due date, the bill amount is automatically taken from your Bills balance. 

While you tell Oportun your bill's due date, when that payment is made depends on when your biller charges you. The due date you enter just determines how we save and allocate funds to fit that schedule. 


How do I find my virtual Bills card/account number and set up payments?

Please note: your virtual Bills card number and account number are different from your virtual Oportun Visa Spending Debit Card number and Spending account number.

1) On the Bills screen, tap Account
2) Tap the Show button to view your card number, expiration date, and CVC under Card details.  Your Bills account and routing number are under Account details

Setting up payments

1) Head to your account settings, or similar option, on your biller's website.
2) Find your billing settings - this will often say something like "Manage payment info," "Payment preferences," "Billing info," etc.
3) Choose to add a new payment method. Or, choose to edit the card you're currently using for payments. 
4) Enter the information your biller requires as it appears on your virtual Bills card.


How do I add, edit, or delete bills?

To create a new bill, tap Add bill on top of your Bills schedule on the Oportun app.

If you need to edit your bill specifications, or delete it entirely:
1) Tap the cog in the top right corner of the Bills screen
2) Choose the bill you need to edit
3) Make any needed changes and tap Save
4) To delete a bill, tap Delete bill at the bottom of the screen 

When you delete a bill, any funds saved for it will stay in your Bills balance and be put towards your other bills, prioritizing ones with the earliest due dates.

Can I tell Oportun that my bill was already paid?

Yes! You can let Oportun know that a bill you've set up from your Bills balance has been paid so it can stop saving towards it for the month. 

"Needs attention"

You may notice a bill marked with Needs attention on your Bills schedule screen, or be in a Review status.  This happens if the due date you've set for your bill has passed and we aren't able to link a corresponding payment transaction from your Bills balance activity.

Tap into that bill to review it. From there, you can link a payment transaction from your Bills balance, tell Oportun to skip it for this month, or let us know it's already been paid from a different source. 

Link a transaction

If your payment was debited from your Bills balance, you can link the payment transaction to your bill to let us know it was paid.

1) Under Payment history on your bill's details screen tap the grey Link a transaction button
2) Find the payment for the current month, and tap Save
3) Confirm that you'd like to link this transaction to your bill by tapping Link

And you're all set! We'll stop allocating funds from your Spending balance towards this bill for the rest of the month.


Review bill

You can also fine-tune how Oportun saves for your bill by letting us know if you need to skip it for this month, if it still needs to be paid, or if it was already paid.

To do that:
1) On your bill's details screen, tap the Review bill button
2) Choose the current status of your bill

If you choose I need to pay this bill, you can let us know if you'd like to Pay now using Digit, Pay later using Digit, or Pay outside of Digit. If you pay now using Digit, once your payment has processed, you'll be able to go back in and link that transaction to the bill.


The Oportun Visa Virtual Card is issued by Pathward, N.A., pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Card can be redeemed at every internet, mail order, and telephone merchant everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.