Linking a credit card to your Bills account

How does linking a credit card to my Bills account work?

Linking your Bills account with your credit card will capture and display your card's current balance and recent transactions in the Oportun app.

When you set up a credit card bill in your Bills account you'll have the option to link directly to your card using Plaid ¹. 
While linking will allow you to be able to stay on top of your credit card activity right in the Oportun app, you will still need to enter your Bills account information on your biller's website in order for payments to be taken from your Bills balance. 

¹Oportun uses Plaid to securely link additional bank accounts to your account. Plaid is not affiliated with or endorsed by Pathward, N.A. or Visa®.

How do I link my card to Bills?

1) On your Bills schedule screen, tap Add bill
2) Choose Credit Card for the bill type. 
3) On the next screen, you'll be asked if you want to link this bill to a credit card. Tap Next.
4) Search for the bank that issued your credit card
5) Enter the same login info that you use to sign in to your credit card's mobile app or website
6) Enter how much your monthly bill will be and when you want to pay it. 
7) Don't forget to enter your virtual Bills card number in the payment section of your biller's website!

How do I edit the payment date or amount for my linked credit card?

1) On the Bills screen under Bills schedule, find your credit card bill and tap into it. 
2) Tap the cog in the top-right corner to bring up Settings
3) Make any needed changes and tap Save

How do I unlink my credit card from my bill?

1) Tap into Profile & settings (the person icon in the top-left corner)
2) Under Funding & payment choose Connected accounts 
3) Tap into your linked credit card
4) On the next screen choose Remove account

After your card is unlinked from your credit card bill, you can link a different credit card by tapping the prompt on your credit card bill's activity screen. Be sure to update your payment information with both your old and new cards in order to continue paying from your Bills balance.