Your Spending balance


What is my Spending balance?

Your Spending balance is how much you have available to make purchases using your Oportun® Visa® Debit Card and Oportun Visa Virtual Debit Card.

Spending is also where Oportun will pull money from to put towards your Savings goals. Your available balance and recent transaction info is found in the Oportun app under the Bank tab. 

How do I fund my Spending balance?

You can fund your Spending balance by setting up direct deposit with your employer, linking another bank account and manually moving funds, or enabling Smart Deposits from a linked bank account. 


Where can I see Spending activity? 

On the Oportun app, access the Bank tab. Then, tap into Spending to see recent purchases you’ve made with your debit card, direct deposits, funds moved from existing bank accounts, and distributions made to your Bills account and Savings goals.

If you tap on transactions listed as ✨ Set aside from Spending you can see details on how that transaction was distributed among individual Savings goals and your Bills account.

How do I find my Spending account and routing numbers?

1) While on the Bank tab, tap into your Spending balance info
2) On the next screen, tap the banner that displays the last four of your Spending debit ("View card & account info")
3) Scroll down to Account details, and tap the Show button to see your Spending account number and routing number

Can my account be charged overdraft fees when I spend? 

Oportun will not charge you overdraft fees for transactions from your Spending account.

If you use your Oportun Visa Debit Card for a purchase that is more than what’s available in your Spending balance, the transaction will be declined in most cases. 

Not penalizing you for spending is one of the many ways we believe you can achieve better financial health.