For banking members: Saving from your Spending balance

How savings works

For members using banking, Oportun moves smart amounts of money from your Spending balance to your Bills account and Savings goals each day. Making sure you have enough to cover the bills you have set up in your Bills account will be Oportun's first priority before it sets aside for Savings.

Some of the pieces that determine how much Oportun saves:

  • Spending habits
  • Savings limits you set (maximum daily save amount, pausing)
  • Bills due in the next two weeks
  • Ending dates on goals

Oportun uses these conditions to put money away for you behind the scenes. Your upcoming bills will get first priority, and making sure you still have enough in Spending for your daily needs will be second. Anything Oportun sees that you can spare after that will go to your Savings goals.


Can I tell Oportun to not move money from Spending if my balance is low?


Will Oportun tell me when it saves?

Savings works on the idea that you save money more effectively when you don't have to think about it, so you will not be updated when Oportun puts money towards Savings goals. You can see your balances and each save amount by checking your goal activity and Spending activity in the Oportun app.


Can I schedule saves?

While it's not currently possible to schedule when and how much Oportun saves from Spending for you, you can manually add money to your Bills account and savings goals from your available Spending balance whenever you'd like by tapping Transfer money.