For savings-only members: How to save more comfortably from a linked bank account

Safe saving level and Low Balance Protection

We do our best to save from your linked bank account and assist with meeting your financial goals intelligently. For savings-only members, we offer some extra safeguards that put you in control of how you save and help avoid fees: safe saving level and Low Balance Protection.

When you enable a safe saving level, Oportun will continue to save for you as long as your linked bank account balance is above the amount you set. If the balance your bank tells us for the day dips below that set amount, we'll hold off on saving until we read that linked account balance is safely above that level. 

With Low Balance Protection, Oportun will move your saved money back to your bank account if the balance goes below the amount you choose.  For example, if your Low Balance Protection is set to $100 and the balance your bank tells us for the day is $80, $20 from your Rainy Day Fund will automatically move from your savings back to checking to get you back up to $100.
Important: Deleting the Rainy Day Fund will disable Low Balance Protection. 

Depending on if your bank supports real-time transfers, money will be moved back to your account within minutes. Otherwise, it will arrive within 1-5 business days.

Setting a safe saving level

1) Tap into Profile & settings 
2) Under Funding & payment, choose Connected accounts and tap into your linked checking account
3) On your account details screen, tap Safe saving level
4) Enter your desired amount and tap Save

Enabling Low Balance Protection

1) On the Save & Invest tab, scroll down to Rewards & Protection
2) Tap into Low Balance Protection
3) Make sure the slider is set to On
4) Enter an amount under Keep balance above, then tap Save